Project Bike Tech on Putting Bike Shops in Schools (Ep.166)

Project Bike Tech on Putting Bike Shops in Schools (Ep.166), BLISTER
Project Bike Tech

Project Bike Tech was founded to answer the question “what if there was something like high school auto shop classes, but for bikes?” And now 15 years later, they’re operating in dozens of schools across a bunch of states, and are expanding rapidly. So we sat down with their Executive Director, Mercedes Ross, to talk about what Project Bike Tech does and how they designed their curriculum; what kinds of career paths their alumni have had; what it looks like setting up a new chapter & how you can get one in your community; & much more.


  • What is Project Bike Tech? (2:37)
  • Project Bike Tech’s History (4:05)
  • The Project Bike Tech curriculum (6:58)
  • Expansion & opening new chapters (10:12)
  • Project Bike Tech’s community impact (14:11)
  • Alumni trajectories (17:36)
  • Project Bike Tech’s goals (21:38)
  • How to get involved (25:48)
  • Project Bike Tech’s new trailbuilding arm (32:47)


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