Reviewer Reports: On Running vs. Skiing, Go-to Gear, & Ramen Bombs (Ep.133)

With summer in full stride, Matt Mitchell and Drew Kelly sat down to take stock of how their mountain running seasons have played out thus far, including the ways Drew sees his skiing translate to the trails this year; our tendency to bite off more than we can chew; and gear picks for a big day out in the alpine. We also discuss some of the early stumbling blocks we ran into when we started trail running; extol the virtues of vert; and Matt makes the case for why you should be eating “Ramen Bombs” in the backcountry (and only the backcountry).


  • Drew’s background (1:30)
  • Skiing vs. running (5:01)
  • Thoughts on skimo (7:44)
  • Vert is real (11:51)
  • Is trail running actually a minimalist sport? (13:42)
  • Running seasonally vs. year round (26:05)
  • Gear picks for a big day out in the mountains (28:05)
  • How trail running hooked us (31:00)
  • Filmmaking & music (34:26)
  • 100 milers & eating contests (39:29)
  • Some good (and some bad) nutrition tips (42:02)
  • Frozen burritos and “Ramen Bombs” (47:08)
  • Upcoming projects (51:20)


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