Roxanne Vogel on Lightning Ascents, Flavor Science, and GU Energy Labs (Ep.125)

14-time winner of the Western States 100, Ann Trason, once said that “Ultramarathons are just an eating and drinking competition with a little bit of running thrown in.” It’s true that races are often won or lost in the gut, and with so many different nutrition products and approaches at our disposal these days, it can be hard to know how to fuel properly. So, we talked to GU Energy Labs’ Nutrition and Performance Research Manager, Roxanne Vogel, about the ins & outs of eating on the run; how GU’s line of products fit into that equation; the importance of “flavor scientists”; and a whole lot more — including Roxanne’s lightning ascent of Mt. Everest and what it was like living in a hypoxia chamber for 3 months beforehand.


  • Roxanne’s background (1:37)
  • Her lightning ascent of Mt. Everest (5:02)
  • What to eat above 20,000 ft. (9:18)
  • Using herself as a human guinea pig (10:37)
  • Nutrition tips from the top of Everest (12:09)
  • Roxanne’s next challenge (14:28)
  • The history of GU Energy Labs (15:35)
  • Going high octane with GU Roctane (18:33)
  • Can you consume too much caffeine? (20:47)
  • GU’s R&D process & flavor science (22:52)
  • Sports nutrition vs. general nutrition (27:19)
  • What’s the deal with “gut training”? (29:56)
  • Why not to sweat sugar consumption (32:31)
  • Eating for different distances (34:13)
  • The future of sports nutrition (37:16)
  • Running in extreme heat (39:41)
  • A primer on fueling for endurance events (43:13)
  • Training for the Leadville 100 (46:40)


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