SCARPA CEO, Kim Miller, on the new F1 LT & More (Ep.84)


  • How did the popularity of the Maestrale RS shape your line? (1:11)
  • SCARPA’s approach to sustainability (5:55)
  • Ski industry predictions (9:52)
  • Which different plastics are in the F1 & Maestrale XT? ( 16:35)
  • The Maestrale 2017 recall (30:00)
  • Unveiling the new F1 LT boot (34:30)

Last month, Sam Shaheen visited SCARPA’s headquarters to talk with CEO Kim Miller. In Part 1 of the conversation, they discuss Kim’s background, SCARPA’s philosophy of ski boot design, the new Maestrale XT, and more.

Here in Part 2, you’ll hear Kim’s predictions for the ski industry and how SCARPA is positioning the brand for the future, Kim pulls back the curtain on what materials they use in their boots and why, what lessons they learned from the Maestrale 2017 recall; and a reveal of their new F1 LT, which will be available in the Fall of 2020.

To see the new SCARPA F1 LT for yourself, head over to the BLISTER Youtube Channel to watch a video of the conversation, which will be uploaded shortly.

Click here for more information on the 2017 Maestrale and Maestrale RS recall.

Sam Shaheen & Luke Koppa review the Atomic Backland 107 for BLISTER
Sam Shaheen on the Atomic Backland 107 and Scarpa Maestrale XT. (photo by Will Beihoffer)

10 comments on “SCARPA CEO, Kim Miller, on the new F1 LT & More (Ep.84)”

    • Hey Andrew, the stated last width for the F1 LT is 100mm. We haven’t gotten a chance to A/B the new boot against the Alien RS but we hope to get some test boots later this season.

  1. Howdy, I saw Blister got the fall 2020/2021 product guide from Scarpa. Any new intel on their tele line? Or same old boots? Respond with a wink if you cant say. Ha.

  2. Nice insights on the future. But for the unfortunate ones like me who no longer are in the mountains, or never were, Please make a T3/F1 bellowed type boot to go with Rottefella’s upcoming new system discussed-
    This goes into your mention of people getting out more to tour, but will still be skiable in an old school tel kind of way.
    The market is there, but maybe they are too cheap to buy.

  3. Dam I just bought some new TX Pros. Paid $700! I might wait for returning them until Scarpa releases news. If they just changed the colors I wont bother returning boots. I heard on the interwebs Scarpa was still working on new line and could be another 3 years. But that is just rumors.

  4. I’m pretty psyched about the F1 LT. F1 is just a little bit too wide. F1 LT is supposedly narrower. The Alien RS fits me well but I don’t like the fiddly string closure system, and I don’t like how it’s linked with the walk/ski mode lever. Unless you’re racing, it’s much better to have them separated.

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