Speed & Style on Dirt & Snow with Dillon Flinders (Ep.130)

Speed & Style on Dirt & Snow with Dillon Flinders (Ep.130)
Dillon Flinders making shapes (photo by @futz_fotoz)

Dillon Flinders has some very lofty goals for himself — both on a bike and on skis — so we sat down to talk about them, and how he’s arranging his life to chase both at once. And along the way we get into the differing cultures of both sports; how a mindset change improved Dylan’s DH race performance; mentorship and fostering the next generation of American DH racers; & much more.


  • Dylan’s intro to MTB & Tuning skis to buy a DH bike(3:26)
  • Juggling biking and skiing (6:53)
  • Mental approach to racing DH, the Outlaw Bike Team, Injuries & recovery (15:49)
  • Ski vs. bike race culture (29:10)
  • Mentorship & American DH racing (39:09)
  • Racing World Cup DH and competing on the Freeride World Tour (46:50)


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