Vinny Armstrong on the Future of Freeride (Ep.88)

On our latest Bikes & Big Ideas podcast, we catch up with Vinny Armstrong to hear what the future of freeride looks like from the vantage point of this incredibly talented (and already highly-accomplished) 22-year-old rider.
Vinny Armstrong at 2021 Red Bull Formation (photo by Re Wikstrom / Red Bull)

It’s wrong to call Vinny Armstrong “up and coming” — she’s won multiple Crankworx Whip-Offs, ridden at every year of Red Bull Formation to date, and firmly cemented herself on the world freeride stage. But Vinny is only 22, and with a bright future ahead of her, we sat down to hear her thoughts on what it holds — both for her personally, and the sport at large.


  • Growing up on a bike (0:51)
  • Crankworx Whip-Offs, & getting on a global stage (1:51)
  • Formation & the boom of women’s freeride events (4:25)
  • The future of women’s freeride, & progression vs. competition (16:00)
  • Travel restrictions & 2022 plans (17:33)
  • Vinny’s Big Idea (22:35)


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  1. Gahh it’s unfortunate the interviewer spoke more than the athlete. Wish this could have flowed better and the same question not be asked over and over for 20 minutes. Felt as unprepared as my old last minute school projects.

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