Recent Ski Reviews

2012-2013 Line Pandora

More than just a really good pow ski, the Line Pandora might actually be one of the most sturdy and fun all-mountain women’s skis available.

2014-2015 4FRNT Hoji

When Eric Hjorleifson comes out with a new pro model (especially a pro model that replaces the much loved 4FRNT EHP), it’s time to pay attention. We’ve been running the new HOJI through the pillows and trees and pow of Niseko, and the ski is as dynamic and playful as the terrain around here.

2012-2013 Black Diamond Gigawatt

Since it STILL hasn’t stopped snowing here in Niseko, we’re glad we’ve had the Gigawatt with us. It’s exceptional in deep, open spaces; very good in deep, tight trees; outstanding in soft chop; and excellent (for its size) on groomers. But the biggest question might be: Gigawatt, or Megawatt?

2012-2013 Black Diamond Element

The Black Diamond Element is proving in Niseko to be a fantastic pow ski that actually does very well in chopped up snow and crud – assuming you get the mount position right….

2012-2013 LINE Stepup

With rock-solid stability and fun, poppy flex, the completely redesigned 2011-2012 Line Stepup is a perfect fit for both recreational riders and serious competitors.

2012-2013 MOMENT Bella, 172cm

A new addition to MOMENT’s line of women’s skis, the Bella is one of the best all-mountain skis on the market.

2nd Look: MOMENT PB&J, 188cm

We’ve raved about the MOMENT PB&J as an all mountain, do everything ski. But how’s it handle the park? Andrew Gregovich weighs in on the PB&J’s freestyle / park performance.

2nd Look: Blizzard Cochise, 185cm

Want a second opinion? “The Blizzard Cochise will certainly reward good technique, but it doesn’t demand it. It has something to offer to a range of ability levels, caters to more than one riding style, and is happy pretty much anywhere….”

A picture of Kevin Bazar's dog

The Praxis WooTest

The backcountry-ready Praxis WooTest is about to become a reality. Find out how you, too, can get your very own WooTest (and what’s up with this dog).

Jonathan Ellsworth on the Blizzard Cochise, at Taos Ski Valley.

2013-2014 Blizzard Cochise, 185cm

The Blizzard Cochise is a very good, unusual ski that is difficult to describe. But it’s been performing very well everywhere at Taos, and if you know Taos, you know that’s saying a whole lot.

Update: 2011-2012 Rossignol Scimitar, 185cm

We’ve now had more time on the Rossignol Scimitar and taken it through a broad range of conditions. If you’re an intermediate to expert skier on a budget, and in search of a one ski quiver, read on.

Protesting the Backcountry: Building a Better Backcountry Ski

There once was a guy who dreamed of a very specific backcountry ski. Problem was, nobody made it. But that’s about to change. Kevin Bazar explains why he thinks the “WooTest” will rule, why sidecut is overrated, and why Praxis Skis is the perfect company to build his dream ski.

2011-2012 LINE Influence 115, 186cm

If you’re looking for a damp, all mountain ski that rails groomers, can charge in crud, and is still remarkably good in pow, the LINE Influence 115 is definitely worth a look.