Ski Quiver Questions, Part 2 (Ep.78)

Kristin Sinnott, Kara Williard, & Sascha Anastas discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast how they think about ski and ski-boot quivers.

Last week on GEAR:30, Sam Shaheen, Luke Koppa, and I addressed some of the questions you have been asking us about ski quivers, and we also discussed the topic of the one-boot quiver. And now, we are running part 2 of this conversation with our reviewers Kristin Sinnott, Sascha Anastas, and Kara Williard.

2020-2021 Line Pandora 104

Sascha Anastas reviews the Line Pandora 104 for Blister

This year the Line Pandora 104 replaced a Blister favorite, the Pandora 110. But after spending a lot of time on the new ski, it’s become another favorite, and earned itself a “Best Of” award. Check out our full review for more.

Flip Flop & Sandals Roundup, 2018

Blister's Sandal Roundup; Best Flip Flops; Best Sandals

As you may know by now, flip flops and sandals are some of our favorite pieces of gear, and we’re in them year round. So it’s time for an updated roundup of a number of our favorites for men and women — from casual flip-flops, to versatile sandals that could replace your hiking shoes.

Weird Skis & Women’s Ski Boots (Ep.13)

Sascha Anastas and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss women's ski boots, Gear:30 Podcast

Jonathan Ellsworth and Sam Shaheen discuss the Renoun Endurance 98 and Scott Scrapper 115, then Sascha Anastas and Kara Williard talk about women’s ski boots, why it can be so hard for good skiers with small feet to find something that works for them, and which new boot Sascha is in love with.

2018-2019 HEAD Wild Joy

Sascha Anastas reviews the Head Wild Joy for Blister Review

The HEAD Wild Joy is a stiff, powerful, and precise all-mountain ski that’s looking for a pilot who knows how to work a ski from edge to edge and has a thing for laying down train tracks.

Sascha Anastas

Sascha Anastas reviewer bio on Blister

Age: 33 | Vitals: 5’1,” 103 Ibs. | Years Skiing: 31 | Current Residence: Buena Vista, Colorado Background I grew up in the heart of the Rockies in the Roaring Fork Valley. Raised by ski bum parents, my first days skiing were experienced in a … Read more