La Sportiva Bushido II

Gordon Gianniny reviews the La Sportiva Bushido II for Blister

The La Sportiva Bushido II is designed for fast running on the most technical of terrain, but it’s also supposed to be more versatile and comfortable than the previous iteration. So … is it? Check out our full review.

La Sportiva Lycan

Gordon Gianniny reviews the La Sportiva Lycan for Blister

La Sportiva has made a name for themselves by making shoes specifically designed for technical, mountainous terrain. But their Lycan looks to fill a void in their lineup — a softer, wider, and more comfortable option for moderate terrain and longer distances. Check out our full review.

Altra Timp 1.5

Gordon Gianniny reviews the Altra Timp 1.5 for Blister

When we reviewed the original Altra Timp, we found it to be a unique shoe in the more heavily cushioned category. With all the updates made to the Timp 1.5, is that still the case? Check out our review.

Casual Shoe & Boot Roundup — 2019

Blister's 2019 casual shoe and boot roundup

While we love to talk about the newest and most technical footwear, we spend most of our time in much more casual shoes and boots. The good news is that we’re continuing to see casual-looking shoes that are more comfortable, more versatile, and / or more environmentally sustainable, and you can check out our roundup for several of our favorite men’s and women’s options.

La Sportiva TX3 Shoe

Sam Shaheen reviews the La Sportiva TX3 for Blister

Approach shoes vary a lot, from casual sneaker styles to others that are basically toned-down mountaineering boots. So where does La Sportiva’s TX3 fall, and how does it compare to the competition? Check out our full review.

Running Sock Roundup

Blister's Running Sock Roundup

What running sock should you get? A minimal low-cut with no cushion? A thicker one with more coverage? We’ve rounded up a bunch of different options to make it easier to find the perfect sock for you.

Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco

Sam Shaheen reviews the Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco for BLISTER

While most companies make tons of climbing shoes for bouldering, sport, and gym climbing, there aren’t nearly as many trad-specific shoes out there. But Scarpa recently made an addition to this category, the Maestro Mid Eco, and you can check out our review of this comfort-oriented shoe.

Tecnica Plasma S Shoe

Luke Koppa reviews the Tecnica Plasma S Shoe for BLISTER

Best known for their ski boots, Tecnica recently launched a hiking line that brings something entirely new to the market: a heat-moldable fit. And after using their new Plasma S Shoe for the past year, you can now check out our full review.

Flip Flop & Sandals Roundup, 2018

Blister's Sandal Roundup; Best Flip Flops; Best Sandals

As you may know by now, flip flops and sandals are some of our favorite pieces of gear, and we’re in them year round. So it’s time for an updated roundup of a number of our favorites for men and women — from casual flip-flops, to versatile sandals that could replace your hiking shoes.