Strafe Castle Jacket

Kristin Sinnott reviews the Strafe Castle Jacket for Blister

With a sleek look that’s paired with high-end materials and insulation, the Strafe Castle Jacket warrants strong consideration if you’re in the market for an insulated ski / snowboard jacket that doesn’t look out of place away from the slopes.

Houdini Shelter Anorak

Luke Koppa reviews the Houdini Shelter Anorak for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado

Anoraks: one of the most controversial topics at Blister. Well, our managing editor has decided to continue to anger our editor-in-chief by testing more of them, and Houdini’s Shelter Anorak has become one of his all-time favorites. Check out his review of this minimal, waterproof shell.

Strafe Sickbird Suit

Kristin Sinnott reviews the Strafe Sickbird Suit for Blister

One-piece snowsuits have had an interesting history. They were once very common, then they became a bit of a joke, and now some brands are making high-end one-pieces with modern materials and features. The Strafe Sickbird Suit falls into that last category, and we’ve come away both surprised and impressed by it. Check out our review.

Patagonia Ascensionist Jacket

Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa review the Patagonia Ascensionist Jacket for Blister

Patagonia’s new Ascensionist Jacket takes Gore’s excellent Active membrane & C-Knit backer and packages it into a breathable, versatile, lightweight, and sustainable jacket. Check out our full review.