What We’re Watching — March 2022


The Blister Summit just wrapped up, and we’ll have a ton more Flash Reviews, panel session videos, and much more to come out of that soon. But we’ve been watching lots of other videos from the ski, bike, and running worlds, too, and here are a bunch of our recent favorites for your viewing pleasure.

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Neko Mulally — In Depth

David Golay: I’ve been having an awesome time following along with Neko Mulally’s self-designed, Frank The Welder built World Cup DH bike project, and the In Depth series, where he fully nerds out about the details of the frames is especially my jam. Episodes 1 (above) and 2 (below) are out now, and I’m eagerly awaiting more as the project progresses. These are must-watches if you’re at all curious about the finer details of the bikes Neko has designed, and his thought process behind them.

Unfortunately, Neko just broke his finger at the first round of Downhill Southeast, but he’s got it bolted back together and is apparently planning on being able to race the first World Cup race in Lourdes in just three weeks (!!!).

Connor Fearon — Welcome to the Team

David: Connor Fearon signed with Forbidden for 2022, after a long stint with Kona, and if this quick edit is any indication, he’s getting along with his new Dreadnought, because it’s a minute and a half of him riding very, very fast. This one’s short, but extremely satisfying.

Jack Moir — Cannonball Raw

Luke Koppa: I never figured I’d watch 27 minutes of practice footage of a DH race in Australia, but the riding (from groms and pros alike) + Jack and the rest of the Aussie crew’s commentary makes this extremely entertaining.

David: My main takeaway from this one is that, whenever Jack decides that it’s time to hang it up from racing, he’s got a career in announcing waiting for him. And I’m not just talking about bike racing — put him in the booth for curling or biathlon or something. I’m convinced that it would work.

Logan Pehota — Workhorse

Luke: Logan Pehota is a man of many talents, and Workhorse showcases two of them – skiing and snowmobiling. His goal was to go out and hit a number of big mountain lines and backcountry features on both his sled and his skis, and the result is pretty neat.

Laurie Greenland & Jackson Goldstone — Creative Lines

David: Speaking of major team changes, Laurie and Jackson are new additions to the Santa Cruz Syndicate, and they’ve been in Lousa for pre-season testing on their V10s. But after that, they popped over to Tarouca, Portugal and shared this video of a hot lap on what looks like an extremely fun track with a great view out over town.

Brendan Fairclough — Downhill Bike SOS Training

David: As Brendan says at the beginning of this one, he’s been spending more time on his Trail and E-Bikes this winter, so he figured it was time to get back on the Downhill bike to train for the rapidly approaching World Cup season, and who better to do that with than Dan and Rachel Atherton? There’s a bunch of great riding in this one, some funny commentary from Brendan — and, excitingly, Rachel going very fast again, after taking last season off from racing after the birth of her daughter.

Anti Ollila / Faction — Anti Ollila Cut from Roots

Luke: Anti is one of my favorite park / all-mountain freestyle / urban skiers to watch, so when I saw that Faction released an athlete edit for him from their recent film, Roots, I knew it would be great. Oh, and on that note, you should should also watch Duncan Adam’s “Loose Ends Edit” while you’re at it, too.

Thayne Rich — Better Late Than Never

Luke: This title is a good one, cause I’m really glad Thayne put this edit together, even if it was a few years after the shots were filmed. Thayne is one of the most talented switch pow skiers out there, and what he’s able to land in this compilation is absurd. But he’s also got some serious big-mountain lines, including one of the biggest cliff drops I’ve seen in the past year or so.

Salomon TV — Long Shorts

Luke: Long Shorts follows Courtney Dauwalter and François D’haene during their summer 2021 ultra season, from the Hardrock 100 to the UTMB, and it’s super interesting. I’m frankly not someone who follows competitive running very closely, but this film does a great job of peeling back the curtain on what goes into these races, and what it takes to try to actually compete in two 100+ mile races that take place over the course of a couple months.

Nikolai Schirmer — Doing a 78 Week Rehab in 15 Weeks

Luke: Back in October of 2021, Nikolai was skiing some amazing early-season conditions, taking a last, mellow-looking lap, and he had a very nasty crash. He ended up breaking his face and hand, and rupturing his Achilles tendon. When I saw he made a video about his recovery process, I frankly wasn’t all that interested, but it’s so well edited and shot that I happily finished the whole thing. It’s impressive (and maybe a little lucky?) that he is now already back skiing. Either way, it’s great to see him back on skis already.

CJ Hauptman & Yoann Barelli — ITGPT Episode 1

David: Yoann Barelli’s new Into the Gnar Progression team is a super cool new project he’s launched and — spoiler alert — he’ll be on Bikes & Big Ideas this week to talk about it, so stay tuned for that.

The first video out of the project, with 13-year-old CJ Hauptman heading out with Yoann to hit the Brutus drop just came out, and it’s a cool look into what it takes to work up to hitting a new feature — and includes a bunch of very impressive riding from both Yoann and CJ.

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