Naked Sports Innovations Co-founder Lindsay Dakota on “Simplexity” & Their New Laceless Trail Racing Shoe (Ep.126)

Naked Sports Innovations’ line of products has evolved a lot from the popular Running Band that started it all, and this month they announced plans for their first trail running shoe, the Naked T/r. So we sat down with Naked’s President and Co-founder, Lindsay Dakota, to break down their debut model, from (laceless!) upper to outsole; the challenges of growing a small brand sustainably; the future of footwear; how the notion of “simplexity” drives Naked’s design process; and a whole lot more.


  • Starting with the Naked Running Band (5:40)
  • “Was the Naked Band’s popularity a surprise?” (6:50)
  • Exopower mesh & “simplexity” (8:52)
  • Naked products on non-affiliated elites (12:49)
  • How Lindsay thinks about fit (15:04)
  • The importance of supporting athletes (16:11)
  • Striving for sustainability (17:20)
  • Expanding Naked’s line of products (21:18)
  • What is a “cooling face fabric?” (22:43)
  • Working with Vibram (25:26)
  • The Naked T/r Trail Racing Shoe (26:57)
  • Small brands & the state of trail running (46:20)


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