Paul Forward on Hunting, Climate Advocacy, & Conservation (Ep.141)


  • Paul’s background (5:13)
  • Hunting with a bow (7:53)
  • Paul’s recent solo hunt (11:37)
  • Animals, Pain, & Death in the Wild (13:55)
  • Going vegetarian in college (20:22)
  • Conservation & Climate Advocacy (29:31)
  • Pebble Mine, Alaska (36:50)
  • Closing thoughts (43:07)

Blister reviewer, Paul Forward, is a lifelong hunter. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years. So how much common ground do we share? In this conversation we discuss that plus Paul’s latest solo hunt; why he only hunts with a bow; what the broader hunting community might learn from skiers & mtn bikers in terms of climate advocacy; and what skiers & mtn bikers could stand to learn from the hunting community about conservation.

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Heli-Guide, Doctor, Hunter, & Blister Reviewer, Paul Forward, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss hunting in Alaska, conservation, climate change, the Alaskan Pebble Mine, being a vegetarian hunter, & more
Blister reviewer, Paul Forward, somewhere in Alaska.

4 comments on “Paul Forward on Hunting, Climate Advocacy, & Conservation (Ep.141)”

  1. Really great episode. So good. We should all strive to unite the outdoor tribes. What a total god damn badass Paul Forward is, unreal.

  2. Maybe I am naive, but I don’t feel a big chasm between the “rod ‘n reel” and “boot and wheel” tribes here in Minnesota. Maybe because most of my friends identify as outdoor sports people, and spend most of their time doing that. But they also grew up with, and still spend time, hunting and fishing.

    If we are only willing/able to work with people who are exactly like us, we will be pretty lonely on that solo work.

    In Holland (where I’m from) this is called the “polder model”: find the points many people can agree on, and get those laws passed, rather than trying to push through everything you want.

  3. Mad respect to anybody hunting wild animals with a bow. To get within 10-20 yards from a wild animal and fire a precision shot that kills within a few seconds to me is true mastery of hunting. I very much appreciate all the points on conservation, climate change and animal welfare as well, could not agree more.

    Unfortunately hunting in Austria is partly a pasttime for wealthy people who use it for networking and perverse pleasure (even shooting animals in small enclosures). Also especially deer get fed all kinds of rubbish during the winter months, boosting the populations to unsustainable levels resulting in major damage to woods, wetlands and other sensible ecosystems.
    Still, as a conservation biologist, backcountry skier, mountainbiker and mountaineer I really enjoy spending time with and talking to people who are passionate about nature. Be it fellow sportsmen or biologists and especially farmers, foresters and hunters who share similar values and the love for nature.

  4. Thanks so much for this episode! There was a lot that really resonates with me as someone who grew up in western Montana (but now calls Seattle home). I often find it hard to rationally articulate where I’m coming from on matters of conservation, nature and outdoor-sportsman-ship, but Paul did it so well. Maybe give us another episode at some point! ;-)

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