SCOR on Turning an After-Hours Project Into a New Bike Brand (Ep.101)

SCOR is a new MTB-focused brand by BMC, and on our latest episode of Bikes & Big Ideas we sat down with founders Mariano Schoefer and Christof Bigler to get the story of how their after-hours tinkering blossomed into SCOR and get the rundown on their first models, the 4060 ST and LT.
SCOR 4060 LT

BMC has a strong heritage in road and cross country bikes but isn’t as well known for gravity-focused offerings. Mariano Schoefer and Christof Bigler — an engineer and designer, respectively, at BMC — were looking to build the bikes they personally wanted to ride and started modifying existing models as an after-hours side project. Their tinkering caught the attention of their bosses, and long story short, their efforts spawned an entirely new bike brand, SCOR. So we sat down with Mariano and Christof to get the full backstory and the rundown on the bikes themselves.


  • Mariano and Christof’s roles at BMC (1:10)
  • Background as riders (2:18)
  • Project origins (4:46)
  • Management catching on & growing momentum (18:05)
  • Launching SCOR (23:46)
  • Design ethos & bike details (25:38)
  • Mariano & Christof’s Big Ideas (37:46)


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