2020 Santa Cruz Hightower

Eric Freson, Dylan Wood, & Jonathan Ellsworth review the Santa Cruz Hightower for Blister in the Gunnison-Crested Butte Valley, Colorado

For six months now, we’ve had three different reviewers riding the recently overhauled Santa Cruz Hightower. Check out our long-term review to see why we think this 140 mm 29er is so versatile, and how it compares to the previous Hightower, Hightower LT, Megatower, & Yeti SB130.

2019 Santa Cruz Hightower LT

Dylan Wood reviews the Santa Cruz Hightower LT For Blister

With the introduction of the redesigned Hightower and new Megatower, you’re probably going to see a lot of Santa Cruz Hightower LTs on the used market. So we put together a full review of the Hightower LT, and we think it’s still a great bike for those seeking a nice balance of playfulness and stability in their Trail bike.