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Stuff We Like: May 2021

In our new monthly series with the remarkably descriptive title, “Stuff We Like,” our reviewers share a broad range of products they’re currently using — and really liking — from small accessories to the clothes they’re lounging around in, to just about anything and everything else.

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Karen Crouse discusses her book, Norwich, on the Blister Podcast

New York Times sportswriter, Karen Crouse (Ep.65)

We talk to Karen Crouse about her new book on the history and principles of the Olympian incubator town of Norwich, Vermont; the current state of the Olympics; and how all-time achievers like Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods have informed her thoughts on the price of greatness.

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Ski Movie Roundup Cy Whitling for Blister Gear Review

Winter 2016 Trailer Roundup

Ski movie season is fast approaching, so we’ve assembled all the trailers and broken down each flick. See which ones we’re most excited for, most skeptical of, and let us know if you agree.

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