Gear of the Year, 2023 (Ep.202)

Gear of the Year — 2023 (Ep.202)
Contra MC

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We got the gang back together to recap a whole bunch of the bikes and other gear we tested in 2023, and Simon Stewart, Dylan Wood, and I picked a bunch of our favorites, including bikes across the travel spectrum and a variety of softgoods. Along the way, we get into bike design and geometry tradeoffs, headset cable routing, and much more.


SCOR 2030 (1:24)
Transition Smuggler (8:11)
Cannondale Habit (11:35)
Chromag Darco (14:50)
Pivot Shuttle AM (18:50)
Contra MC (25:33)
Fox Union Shoes (29:03)
Yeti Freeland Shorts (31:20)
Akta Trail Knee Pads (34:20)
Velocio Trail Access Pants (35:51)

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