Reviewer Reports: Cannondale Jekyll, We Are One Arrival, Nicolai G1, & More (Ep.95)

Snow is (finally) falling in much of the Western US, but we’re still hard at work testing bikes, too — and we’ve got a lot to work through at the moment. So on our latest episode of Bikes & Big Ideas, we figured it was time to give a rundown on a bunch of the bikes we’ve been spending time on, including several high-pivot Enduro bikes, a remarkably sprightly long-travel Trail bike, and the current frontrunner for our Bike Editor’s favorite bike of 2021.
David Golay riding the Norco Range

We’ve been testing a ton of bikes, and have a whole lot of updates to share, so Jonathan Ellsworth and David Golay sat down to discuss all of it. We get into it about high-pivot Enduro bike comparisons (with some surprising conclusions), offer some early impressions of an ultra-efficient long-travel Trail bike, and David talks about the frontrunner for his favorite bike of 2021. And along the way we talk about some of the most exciting recent developments in bike tech and break a little news about some upcoming Blister bike content, too.


  • Recent BBI Highlights (1:58)
  • We Are One Arrival (16:16)
  • Norco Range (22:10)
  • Nicolai G1 (26:21)
  • Cannondale Jekyll (31:24)l
  • Orbea Occam LT (35:44)
  • Sneak Peek: Upcoming Content (40:01)


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