Patagonia’s Glen Morden & Corey Simpson on Product Performance & Sustainability (Ep.86)

Patagonia's Glen Morden and Corey Simpson go on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast to discuss the brand's efforts to increase sustainability and performance in their products.

Patagonia’s Glen Morden (Product Innovation, Materials, & Development) and Corey Simpson (Communications) came to Crested Butte to ski with us and to discuss how Patagonia is thinking about sustainability and product performance; how they continue to evolve on this front; talk about a few of their new pieces; their prototyping process; and more.

Patagonia’s Technical Fabric Development & Design (Ep.47)

Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen talk to Patagonia's Senior Materials Developer, Pasha Whitmire, about Patagonia's technical fabric development on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

This week we talk to Patagonia’s senior material developer, Pasha Whitmire, about how Patagonia designs, develops, and tests their technical fabrics; myths surrounding waterproof / breathable materials; why the future of fabric development lies in sustainability; the advantages and disadvantages of working with big names like Gore-Tex; and a whole lot more outerwear geekery.

Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device

Matt Zia reviews the Edelrid Mega Jul for Blister Review

The Edelrid Mega Jul offers an intriguing combination of assisted braking functionality and minimal weight, and though it’s not the best all-around belay device, it performs well in particular climbing situations.

Jumbo Wild

Jumbo Wild is an important and refreshingly balanced documentary that’s worth a watch— regardless of which side of the debate you fall on.

Patagonia Super Cell Jacket

Patagonia Super Cell, Blister Gear Review.

Patagonia’s Super Cell is a lightweight, affordable hard shell designed with alpine climbing in mind. It also comes with Patagonia’s “Ironclad Guarantee,” which as you’ll see, is a “feature” that shouldn’t be overlooked.