2020-2021 K2 Recon Pro

Drew Kelly reviews the K2 Recon Pro for Blister

We’ve seen a lot of companies making lighter and lighter alpine boots over the past few years, but that category hadn’t extended past the 130-flex realm. That changes for 20/21 with the introduction of the K2 Recon Pro — a lightweight boot with a stated flex of 140 and several unique features. Check out our First Look.

19/20 Kastle MX99

Drew Kelly reviews the Kastle MX99 for Blister

Check out our initial on-snow impressions of the Kastle MX99.

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Drew Kelly

Luke Koppa reviews the Fischer Ranger 94 FR for Blister

Drew Kelly skiing in the backcountry near Crested Butte, CO. Age: 29 | Vitals: 5’11, 160 lbs | Years Skiing: 26 | Current Residence: Gunnison, Colorado Though I learned to ski on a school break when I was three, living in Alabama, I didn’t really … Read more