2018-2019 Dynastar Legend X96

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Dynastar Legend X96 for Blister
Dynastar Legend X96

Ski: 2018-2019 Dynastar Legend X96, 186 cm

Available Lengths: 165, 171, 178, 186 cm

Blister’s Measured Tip-to-Tail Length: 185.2 cm

Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 1896 & 1919 grams

Stated Dimensions: 133-96-113 mm

Blister’s Measured Dimensions: 132.6-96.5-112

Stated Sidecut Radius: 18 meters

Measured Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 68 mm / 11 mm

Measured Traditional Camber Underfoot: ~5 mm

Core: Paulownia + Fiberglass Laminate

Factory Recommended Mount Point: -10.9 cm from center; 81.7 cm from tail


A couple months ago, we took a look at the Dynastar Legend X106, and were pretty curious about its combination of a pretty stout flex pattern, very tapered shape, and fairly low weight.

Now, we’re checking out that ski’s narrower sibling, the Legend X96, which shares many of the same traits of the Legend X106.

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Here’s what Dynastar says about the Legend X96:

“Equal parts power and playfulness, the all-new LEGEND X96 delivers freeride-inspired, all-terrain performance wherever the snow takes you.
Our newest Powerdrive Free construction unleashes smooth dynamic power, playful energy, and ground-breaking grip for the most responsive ski control.”

Shape / Rocker Profile

Overall, the Legend X96 looks very similar to the Legend X106. The X96 has slightly less tail rocker and splay, and a bit less tail taper. Other than that, the two skis look quite similar. Both skis have more tip and tail taper than most other skis in their respective classes, and both the Legend X’s have pretty minimal tail rocker and shallow tip rocker lines, but with a good deal of tip splay.

Flex Pattern

Here’s how we’d characterize the flex pattern of the Legend X96:

Tips: 9-8
Shovels: 8-9
In Front of Toe Piece: 9.5-10
Underfoot: 10
Behind Heel Piece: 10-9.5
Tails: 9-9.5

Just like its wider brother, the Legend X96 is a very stout ski. It’s surprising to us just how stiff this light ski is, and we’ll be very interested to see how this weight, flex pattern and tip and tail shape works together on snow.


For a ~95mm-underfoot inbounds ski, the Legend X96 is pretty light at around 1900 grams. And while there are still heavier skis like the Head Monster 98 and Blizzard Bonafide, if you take a look at the list below, you’ll see that there seem to be an increasing number of all-mountain skis in this class that are coming in around — or below — the 2000 gram mark.

For reference, here are some of our measured weights for a few notable skis:

1585 & 1586 Head Kore 93, 180 cm (17/18, 18/19)
1896 & 1919 Dynastar Legend X96, 186 cm (17/18-18/19)
1921 & 1968 Head Kore 99, 189 cm (18/19)
1931 & 1932 DPS Foundation Cassiar 94, 185 cm (18/19)
1943 & 1968 Liberty VMT 92, 186 cm (18/19)
1966 & 1973 Liberty Origin 96, 187 cm (18/19)
2007 & 2029 Armada Invictus 99 Ti, 187 cm (18/19)
2049 & 2065 Volkl Mantra M5, 177 cm (18/19)
2053 & 2057 Atomic Vantage 97, 188 cm (18/19)
2062 & 2063 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti, 187 cm (18/19)
2114 & 2133 Nordica Enforcer 93, 185 cm (17/18, 18/19)
2115 & 2149 J Skis Masterblaster, 181 cm (17/18, 18/19)
2124 & 2137 Blizzard Bonafide, 180 cm (17/18-18/19)
2344 & 2367 J Skis Masterblaster, 187 cm (17/18-18/19)
2373 & 2397 Head Monster 98, 184 cm (17/18)

Bottom Line (For Now)

The Dynastar Legend X96 is yet another addition to the growing class of light, stiff all-mountain skis.

We’ve now gotten a bit of time on the Legend X96, so Blister Members can check out our Flash Review, and then let us know about any questions you’d like to see addressed in our full review.

Flash Review: Dynastar Legend X96

Blister members can now read our initial on-snow impressions in our Flash Review of the Legend X96, with comparisons between it and the 18/19 Atomic Vantage 97 Ti.

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