Q&A with Hoji: Gear, Training, Mental Prep, the Blister Summit, & More (Ep.220)

Q&A with Hoji: Gear, Training, Mental Prep, the Blister Summit, & More (Ep.220), BLISTER
Eric Hjorleifson (photo by Angela Percival)

Eric Hjorleifson is back on GEAR:30 to answer questions from our Blister Members. We’re talking gear, tinkering, Hoji coming to the Blister Summit, how Hoji trains for an upcoming season; mental preparation, and … we get some bonus questions from Markus Eder. We also announce our new “Blister After Hours” sessions (working title), so learn about that and let us know if you have better ideas for a title.

Finally, see the links below for all of our past conversations with Hoji.


  • Catching Up / Coming to the Blister Summit (3:34)
  • What gear is going to change most in the next 10 years? (13:03)
  • Our Alpine Bindings Test (16:19)
  • What gear do people obsess over that doesn’t really matter? (18:19)
  • How has your skiing changed as you’ve gotten older? (19:46)
  • When are you moving to Austria? (27:26)
  • Golden Alpine Holidays lodges: Discuss (30:07)
  • Touring binding priorities: weight / ski performance / safety / reliability? (35:45)
  • What would you like to design from scratch? (43:04)
  • What do you do mentally to prepare for something challenging? (46:14)
  • The Bec des Rosses (55:31)
  • Which element of your setup gets you the most excited to tinker with? (57:10)
  • Bode Miller & Hoji on 3-piece boots (59:29)
  • Training: what routine allows you to perform at a high level? (1:11:37)
  • Dumbest thing you’ve seen Markus Eder do? (1:20:28)
  • What’s your process like for gear modification? (1:29:21)
  • Do I really get to ski with Hoji at the Blister Summit? (1:44:02)
  • What’s up next for you? (1:44:31)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:47:11)


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4 comments on “Q&A with Hoji: Gear, Training, Mental Prep, the Blister Summit, & More (Ep.220)”

  1. Dave here. I asked the question about getting old…. It wasn’t a shot, or at least it wasn’t meant to be. We’re close to the same age and Hoji has been one of my ski heroes going back to my 20s. My skiing and my approach has had to change. I need more preparation time. My legs aren’t made of springs anymore either, but my skiing has gotten smoother (maybe out of necessity). I was half hoping he would say that he feels Father Time too, half hoping he would say he hasn’t noticed a thing (I like it when my heroes don’t bleed), and 100% hoping he had some solution to the whole thing.

    In any event, I appreciated the discussion. Cheers!

  2. Hoji is just so off the charts humble and thoughtful! And from such a legendary innovator of skiing, equipment design, the move to human powered skiing, etc etc.
    But no mention or question re the Pilsner rerelease graphic in nod to the OG EHP?! ;)
    Btw, how bout a lightweight Raven version, and or heavyweight Ren?
    Great interview! We are so lucky!

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