Reviewer Reports: Bikes, Suspension, Brakes, & More (Ep.132)

Reviewer Reports: Bikes, Suspension, Brakes, & More (Ep.132)
Dylan Wood riding the Rossignol Mandate

We’ve been testing a ton of bikes, suspension, brakes, and other gear, so Dylan Wood and I sat down to chat about a whole bunch of it, including the Pivot Shadowcat, Intense Tracer 279, Canfield Jedi 29, multiple versions of the Manitou Dorado, plus a whole lot more — and we tease a very big upcoming project that is going to be of interest to a whole lot of folks.



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  1. I can second what you said about the new RS coil year 2023. I put one in my Yeti SB130LR (500lbs spring for my 185lbs weight). With no HBO, the bike bottomed out very easily. Then I activated the HBO less than half in, problem solved. Even though I liked the original Fox air damper on that bike, I did not like the SB130LR for fast chatter tracks (like bike parks). Now I find that gap is closed without having given anything up on the pedaling efficiency (it only is heavier).

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