Blister Tech Tip: Tubeless Tire Tricks

Tech Tip: Tubeless Tire Tricks

Tubeless tires are ubiquitous on mountain bikes these days, but they can still be a real headache. Fortunately, we’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks that can help make setting them up and maintaining them much easier.
Most Painful Sports, Blister Topic of the Week

What’s The Most Painful Sport?

Yesterday, a bunch of runners completed the Tahoe 200, a 205-mile race that a couple participants finished in under 50 hours. Which is insane. So that got us wondering: What’s the most painful sport to be the best at? We came up with a few contenders, and we want to hear yours.
Best and Worst Product Names, Blister Topic of the Week

Best and Worst Product Names

In honor of Outdoor Retailer kicking off today — where we’ll be checking out a ton of new products with both very good, and very bad names — we figured it’d be a good time to go over some of the best, and worst product names we’ve ever seen. Check out what we’ve put together, then let us know your own nominations for Best or Worst. (And by the way, consider this post at least PG-13. Also, that pictured Kayak is called the Cocaine, FWIW.)
Bike Companies vs. Ski Companies on the GEAR:30 blister podcast

Bikes vs. Skis, Part 1 (Ep.21)

Which ski company is most like which bike company? Who is the Moment Skis of the bike world? And which ski brand shares the most family resemblance with Yeti or Transition? Jonathan Ellsworth has been having this discussion for years with Blister's bike editor, Noah Bodman, and we're now taking it public. So give it a listen, then let us know where you agree, where you disagree, and where you've got the better analogies.
Alternative Outdoor Snacks on Blister

Alternative Outdoor Snacks

Granola bars are great, but sometimes you either run out or you feel like switching it up. So we asked our reviewers to give us some of their alternative outdoor snack suggestions, and we’d love to get some of your suggestions, too.
Bullying in Outdoor Sports: Reaction & Responsibilities, Blister Podcast

Bullying in Outdoor Sports: Reactions & Responsibilities (Ep.71)

Last week, professional climber, Sascha Digulian, announced that she has been bullied for years by a fellow pro climber. A firestorm of responses ensued, and sponsorships were terminated. So we discuss why this is more than just some isolated issue in the climbing world; whether the brand sponsors did the right thing; and what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate responses — by each of us — to situations like this.