Trail Running 101: Trail Running Etiquette

Trail running is a great way to enjoy a sense of freedom in the outdoors — but like most freedoms, it comes with a bit of responsibility. As more and more people flock to the trails, the greater the impact we’re likely to have on each other’s experience. In part four of our Trail Running 101 series, we offer nine guidelines for how to be a respectful steward to the trails and the people we share them with.

Trail Running 101: How to Trail Run Safely

Trail running can be a fun and exciting way to explore the backcountry, but like any outdoor sport, running in wild areas comes with its own set of dangers. However, with a bit of knowledge and the right gear, you can greatly minimize your risk. In this article we break down what exactly to watch out for on the trails and what prep-work you can do before each run to stay safe.

Trail Running 101: What Do I Need to Trail Run?

Trail runners often like to say that simplicity is one of their favorite aspects of the sport. All you need is a pair of running shoes and you’re ready to go, right? Well, sort of. A pair of trail running shoes alone can get you started, but when you start logging longer miles, you’ll probably find yourself shopping for a few other helpful items. Here’s where to start.
What is Trail Running?

Trail Running 101: What is Trail Running?

Trail running — it’s only one word away from road running. Is it really that different? Yes and no. While trail running is simply running, just not on pavement, its depth of nuances, styles, and considerations demand a bit more explanation. So in our first installment in our new Trail Running 101 series, we cover some of the basics.
Blister Guide to Mountain Bike Tires

Mountain Bike Tires: A Guide & Comparisons

In this guide, we're comparing more than a dozen of the most popular Trail, Enduro, & DH tires to each other, highlighting their pros and cons, and helping you figure out which option might work best for you. In our latest update, we've got a couple of new additions from Schwalbe and Michelin.
Mountain bike fork offset 101; Blister covers what fork offset is and how it affects your bike

Biking 101: Mtn Bike Fork Offset

What is fork offset — and more importantly — why should you care about it? In our latest Gear 101 article, we answer these questions, how fork offset actually affects your on-trail experience, why more manufacturers are using different offsets, & more.
On Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast, Sam Shaheen talks to United By Blue apparel designer, Brendan Raugh, about bison wool, bison down, and how United By Blue is using all sorts of bison fibers in apparel and more.

What You’re Wearing, Part 5: Bison Fibers? (Ep.93)

Bison Wool? Bison Down? That’s a thing? Well it’s being used by United By Blue, who started salvaging otherwise wasted bison fibers, and is now incorporating them into a growing range of products. So we talked with Brendan Raugh at United By Blue about how the company was founded as a waterway cleanup company; how they went on to develop an entire line of apparel around salvaged bison coat fibers; how bison fibers compare to sheep’s wool and goose down; and more.
Sam Shaheen talks to Icebreaker's Josh Vaughan about wool, its performance attributes, its environmental impact, and more on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast.

What You’re Wearing Part 2: Wool (Ep.62)

Why are more and more companies making products out of wool? What makes it unique from other fibers? And how is merino wool different from regular wool? We talk to Icebreaker’s Josh Vaughan about these questions; wool’s environmental impact; the variety of wool types and how they differ; and he provides some amazingly in-depth insight about wool’s unique properties.
Sam Shaheen talks with Gore's Sara Ellis about synthetic fibers, their pros and cons, how they compare to natural fibers, Gore's new fabric with Under Armour, and more on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

What You’re Wearing, Part 1: Synthetic Fibers (Ep.57)

How much do you actually know about the clothes in your closet, and the stuff we all wear to go play in the mountains? In our new “What You’re Wearing” miniseries, we’re shining a light on the most foundational part of apparel: the fibers. And in part 1, we dive into the world synthetic fibers with Sara Ellis from Gore (the makers of GORE-TEX).
Atomic's global product manager for ski boots, Matt Manser, discusses how ski boots and different ski-boot plastics differ on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast

A Very Deep Dive on Ski Boots — Part 1: Plastics (Ep.54)

Ski boots are made of plastic, and different plastics feel and perform very differently from one another. So we get deep into the details with Atomic Ski Boots product manager, Matt Manser, to help you figure out which plastics are used in your ski boots, and the pros & cons & general performance characteristics of different plastics — which will help you understand why you might like or dislike your current boots, and what you ought to be looking for in your next pair.