2018 Trans BC Enduro Stage Race — Intro & Bike Check

Trans BC Enduro Stage Race Bike Check, Noah Bodman on Blister

If you were going to enter a six-day Enduro stage race that covers 20+ miles and ~5000 feet of climbing each day, what would your ideal build look like? Our bike editor is heading to British Columbia for the Trans BC Enduro, and he talks about this “long-ass” event and the specific bike and build he’s put together for it.

Scarpa Furia S

Ben Firth reviews the Scarpa Furia S for Blister

The new Scarpa Furia S is one of the softest climbing shoes on the market, and is designed to offer ultimate precision and grip for overhung terrain. So does it? And how does it compare to shoes like the Scarpa Drago, Five Ten Team VXI, and La Sportiva Futura? Check out our full review.

Nik Berry (Ep.13)

Nik Berry on Blister's All Things Climbing Podcast

Nik Berry is pushing the boundaries of his sport in a direction that many climbers aren’t even looking: his skill and composure on hard and scary trad routes fuel an obsession with freeing big aid lines and seeking out adventurous climbing. In this episode, we talk about his recent stellar season in Yosemite and how he balances a career with all that hard climbing.

2018-2019 K2 Fulluvit 95Ti

Kara Williard reviews the K2 Fulluvit 95Ti for Blister

Part of K2’s women’s Freeride Collection, the Fulluvit 95Ti is said to crush “all conditions at top speeds” while still being “lightweight and nimble for a freeride ski.” That’s some pretty big talk, but how does the Fulluvit 95Ti compare to the previous version, and how does it stack up against other ~95mm women’s all-mountain skis on the market? Check out our full review.