Mystery Ranch Backpacks: From Special Ops to Backcountry Skiing (Ep.97)

Alex Rich joins Sam Shaheen on Gear:30 podcast to talk about Mystery Ranch Packs

Mystery Ranch has a long history of working with and making packs for the US military, fire departments, and law enforcement. They also make everything from backpacks for everyday use, to packs for backcountry skiing, and the company has quite a unique culture. So we sat down with product designer, Alex Rich, to discuss what it’s like to design packs for US special forces; how their military designs trickle down to outdoor packs (and vice versa); how their design ethos reflects their sustainability culture; and more.

What You’re Wearing, Part 5: Bison Fibers? (Ep.93)

On Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast, Sam Shaheen talks to United By Blue apparel designer, Brendan Raugh, about bison wool, bison down, and how United By Blue is using all sorts of bison fibers in apparel and more.

Bison Wool? Bison Down? That’s a thing? Well it’s being used by United By Blue,
who started salvaging otherwise wasted bison fibers, and is now incorporating them into a growing range of products. So we talked with Brendan Raugh at United By Blue about how the company was founded as a waterway cleanup company; how they went on to develop an entire line of apparel around salvaged bison coat fibers; how bison fibers compare to sheep’s wool and goose down; and more.

Sugar Cane, Castor Beans, & Poly Bags — Picture Organic Clothing (Ep.91)

Picture Organic's co-founder, Julien Durant, and their sustainability manager, Florian Palluel, go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the brand's new XPore membrane, Demain Jacket, and their sustainability practices

Picture Organic Clothing is going way beyond common sustainability practices with things like castor bean oil waterproof membranes and sugar cane waste-derived polyester, and they are attempting to eliminate polybags from their entire supply chain. So we talked to Picture’s co-founder, Julien Durant, and their sustainability manager, Florian Palluel about these ambitious projects — including their new air-permeable membrane, Xpore, that they are putting in direction competition with Gore Pro and TNF Futurelight.

Ski Wax & Waxing Skis: What You Need to Know (Ep.89)

We talk with Graham Lonetto, the Alpine Director for the USA at Swix — the company that invented color-coded waxes, and one of the largest manufacturers of ski wax in the world — about different types of waxes and application methods; the most common mistake made when ski waxing; the FIS’s ban on fluorocarbons in waxes; and more.

SCARPA CEO, Kim Miller, on the new F1 LT & More (Ep.84)

Scarpa CEO, Kim Miller, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast to discuss the new 2021 Scarpa F1 LT, the Scarpa Maestrale XT, and more

In part 2 of our conversation with SCARPA CEO, Kim Miller, Kim offers his predictions for the ski industry and how SCARPA is positioning itself for the future; discusses which materials they use in their boots and why; shares the lessons learned from the Maestrale 2017 recall; and unveils a brand-new boot, the F1 LT.

SCARPA CEO, Kim Miller, Part 1 (Ep.79)

Kim Miller talks on the Gear:30 podcast about his role as CEO at SCARPA and the SCARPA Alien RS

This week, Sam Shaheen visited SCARPA’s North American headquarters to talk with SCARPA’s CEO, Kim Miller. Here in Part 1 of the conversation, they discuss Kim’s impressive career in the outdoor industry; SCARPA’s philosophy of ski boot design; their position within the market; the specifics of the new Maestrale XT; Kim’s thoughts on boot/binding compatibility; and more.

Ski Quiver Questions, Part 1 (Ep.77)

Jonathan Ellsworth, Luke Koppa, and Sam Shaheen discuss Blister's 2019-2020 ski-quiver selections on the GEAR:30 podcast

We’ve been thinking and talking a lot recently about ski quivers, and posted our reviewers’ personal selections for their 5-ski, 4-ski, 3-ski, 2-ski, and 1-ski quivers. And now on our latest episodes of GEAR:30 we discuss some of your related questions; what our biggest takeaways are; the dreaded 1-boot quiver; and more.

Nikwax & the Future of DWRs (Ep.76)

Nikwax VP of marketing, Heidi Allen, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss DWR (durable water repellent coatings), the dangers of PFCs, and more

DWRs — or “Durable Water Repellent” coatings — play an enormous role in the performance of your outdoor gear, and are used on nearly every waterproof garment on the market. But most DWRs are made with chemicals called PFCs, which can be harmful to you and the environment. Nikwax, however, has never made any of their specialized cleaning, conditioning, or waterproofing products with PFCs. So we talked with Heidi Allen from Nikwax about how DWRs work; the dangers of PFCs; how the industry is attempting to shift away from PFCs; garment care; and more.

What is The North Face Futurelight? (Ep.74)

On Blister's GEAR:30 podcast, Sam Shaheen talks with The North Face's Scott Mellin about the brand's new fabric technology, Futurelight

The North Face is attempting to do something that many have tried, but few have succeeded: compete head-to-head with Gore-Tex in the waterproof / breathable fabric category. So we talked with Scott Mellin, the Global General Manager of Mountain Sports at The North Face, about their new fabric technology, Futurelight, the ideas behind it; what sets it apart in the waterproof / breathable fabric market; sustainability practices related to Futurelight; some stories from athlete testing, and much more.

2020-2021 G3 ROAMr 108

Sam Shaheen reviews the G3 ROAMr 108 for Blister

The G3 ROAMr 108 is specifically designed for both inbounds skiing and backcountry touring, and with its two layers of titanal and a relatively low weight, we think it will work well for a lot of skiers interested in a “50/50” ski.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2019 (Ep.53)

Blister's recap of the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show

Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa discuss mind-boggling new technologies like titanium-coated fibres; inventive sustainability stories involving recycled medical supplies; and the noteworthy trends — both good and bad — that they saw this week at the OR show.

Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco

Sam Shaheen reviews the Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco for BLISTER

While most companies make tons of climbing shoes for bouldering, sport, and gym climbing, there aren’t nearly as many trad-specific shoes out there. But Scarpa recently made an addition to this category, the Maestro Mid Eco, and you can check out our review of this comfort-oriented shoe.

The Dumpster Fire Episode (Ep.52)

Sam Shaheen, Kristin Sinnott, and Luke Koppa discuss White Claw, ON3P Woodsman 108, Salomon S/Max 120 W, Tecnica Plasma S Shoe, and much more on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

Things kind of go off the rails in our latest GEAR:30 episode, with topics ranging from the ON3P Woodsman 108, K2 Mindbender 99Ti, new ski boots, and heat-moldable hiking shoes, to very contentious debates about Hard Seltzer, energy bar flavors, and Smashburger.