Bike Companies vs. Ski Companies on the GEAR:30 blister podcast

Bikes vs. Skis, 1st Edition (2018): Part 1 (Ep.21)

Which ski company is most like which bike company? Who is the Moment Skis of the bike world? And which ski brand shares the most family resemblance with Yeti or Transition? Jonathan Ellsworth has been having this discussion for years with Blister's bike editor, Noah Bodman, and we're now taking it public. So give it a listen, then let us know where you agree, where you disagree, and where you've got the better analogies.
We talk about spring skiing in Alaska on the GEAR:30 podcast with Eric Helmbrecht of Powder Hound Ski Shop in Girdwood, Alaska

Spring Skiing & Biking in AK (Ep.17)

We talk to Eric Helmbrecht, owner of Powder Hound in Girdwood, Alaska, about spring skiing in AK, what gear works well in AK's snowpack and terrain, what new gear he's most intrigued by, and the growing mountain bike scene around Girdwood and Anchorage.
Touring bindings and the G3 Zed Binding on blister's Gear:30 Podcast

Touring Bindings & the New G3 Zed (Ep.16)

G3 is introducing a new touring binding — the Zed — that they’re calling the lightest fully-featured AT binding on the market. So we talk to G3’s engineers about their design philosophy and development process, current trends in AT bindings, and the compromises inherent in any AT binding.
We discuss new 2018-2019 skis on the GEAR 30 podcast

18/19 All-Mountain & Frontside Skis (Ep.15)

We just finished testing a broad range of skis, so Blister's Sam Shaheen, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss a number of the highlights, including the new Atomic Bent Chetler 100, the HEAD Supershape i.Titan, a new carver from DPS, the Black Crows Orb, and what might be Jonathan's new personal favorite from Blizzard.
Sascha Anastas and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss women's ski boots, Gear:30 Podcast

Weird Skis & Women’s Ski Boots (Ep.13)

Jonathan Ellsworth and Sam Shaheen discuss the Renoun Endurance 98 and Scott Scrapper 115, then Sascha Anastas and Kara Williard talk about women's ski boots, why it can be so hard for good skiers with small feet to find something that works for them, and which new boot Sascha is in love with.
2018-2019 ON3P Skis, Scott Andrus, Gear:30 Podcast

ON3P Skis 18/19 Lineup (Ep.12)

ON3P is releasing their entire new lineup early next month. So we talk to ON3P's Scott Andrus about this decision, then go over every ski in the new line, including what’s new, what's unchanged, and what’s so new and experimental that Scott didn’t want to talk about it. (But we got him to anyway.)
2018-2019 Moment Skis, Luke Jacobsen, Gear:30 Podcast

18/19 Moment Skis Lineup (Ep.10)

We talk to the CEO and head designer of Moment Skis, Luke Jacobson, about Moment's lineup for next season — what’s new, what's unchanged, and what's tweaked — and we cover touring skis, kids skis, women’s skis and even … the Chief Commander.

Black Sheep Sports, Sebastian Steinbach (Ep.6)

Back in 2010, Sebastian Steinbach had the crazy idea to defy traditional European ski culture and open a freeride-specific ski shop in Munich, Germany. We talk to Sebastian about what he was thinking (???), differences between European & North American ski culture, and some of his current favorite products for skiing in the Alps.