Off The Couch

Clare Gallagher talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about winning the Western States 100 Endurance Race and more on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast.

Western States 100 Champion, Clare Gallagher (Ep.8)

Clare Gallagher just won the Western States 100, and she did so in spectacular fashion. But there is a whole lot more to this story. So we talk to Clare about the details of her epic win, why on earth she agreed to go on an expedition to Alaska with Tommy Caldwell right before her biggest race of the year, and more.

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Jennifer Pharr Davis talks about the differences between hiking and trail running, lessons from her book, "Pursuit of Endurance," and more on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

Jennifer Pharr Davis on ‘Hiking’ vs ‘Trail Running’ Culture (Ep.7)

Scott Jurek called his attempt to break Jennifer Pharr Davis’ FKT record for hiking the Appalachian Trail the hardest thing he’d ever done. And yet, hiking and thru-hiking often isn’t given proper credit either as a monumental test of endurance, or as a more accessible / less intimidating activity to get more people outdoors. So we talk to Jennifer about the divides between hiking culture & trail running culture; lessons from her book, The Pursuit of Endurance, and more.

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Maddie Hart and Gordon Gianniny talk to Jonathan Ellsworth about the future of trail running on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

Fresh Takes on Trail Running & its Future (Ep.6)

While participation in trail running and ultra trail races is increasing, it has tended to draw an older crowd. But younger runners are getting into the sport, and they aren’t following all the old conventions. So we discuss the current and future state of trail running and ultra running with two young and rising trail runners, Maddie Hart and Gordon Gianniny.

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Brendan Leonard talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about completing the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

Brendan Runs the Bighorn 100 (Ep.5)

This past weekend, our Off The Couch co-host, Brendan Leonard, ran the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run. So Jonathan Ellsworth talks with him about why he decided to run it; how he prepared; the highs and lows of the experience; his advice for anyone thinking of running a 100; and whether or not he plans on running another 100 miler.

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Jonathan Ellsworth talks with runner, mother, and educator, Stevie Kremer, on Blister's Off the Couch Podcast

Stevie Kremer Does Things Different (Ep.4)

Stevie Kremer is a world-class runner, but her life sure doesn’t include many of the stereotypes that description might conjure up. So we discuss her unusual training routine; sitcoms & life lessons; how she got into trail running and ski mountaineering; and juggling being a runner, mother, and educator.

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Sarah Lavender Smith on Blister's Off the Couch Podcast

Ultrarunner, Writer, Coach: Sarah Lavender Smith (Ep.3)

Brendan Leonard & Jonathan Ellsworth talk to ultrarunner, Sarah Lavender Smith, about what inspired her to start running; “mommy guilt;” the importance of being process oriented; running marathons with horses; competitiveness; and how she went from smoking and partying to running ultras.

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Jonathan Ellsworth & Brendan Leonard talk to Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, about his film "3100: Run and Become" on Blister's Off The Couch running podcast

Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, on the World’s Longest Race (Ep.2)

Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talk with filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, about a 3,100 mile-long race that takes place on a sidewalk in Queens, NY; the attempt to save the traditional ways of life of the San Bushmen of Botswana; the long-distance (and extremely consequential) rituals of a Buddhist monastic community in Japan, and a whole lot more.

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Off The Couch: Blister's running podcast

Introducing: Off The Couch

We are very excited to announce “Off The Couch” — a new podcast that will be taking a closer look at the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running.

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